Pole & Heels Instructor



For me it all started in 2013; I was super unfit, zero body confidence, extremely lazy, I couldn’t touch my toes and I had absolutely no upper body strength. Fast forward to today and I have the flexibility and strength I once thought was way out of my reach and I have both body and inner confidence that I never in a million years thought I would have and honestly it’s all down to pole. 

What got me hooked was that there’s always something new to try, a new move to nail and you can actually see your progress. After many years of on/off gym memberships I seemed to have finally found something that kept me fit, allowed me to socialise and have fun all in one. Even now I’m constantly working towards something whether it be perfecting a move, improving my flexibility or putting together a new routine. There’s always something else to tick off the list.

My favourite style of pole has to be exotic. I love the instant power I feel when I have my heels on, I completely embrace my femininity and go into my own wee world. It’s allowed me to have a much deeper understanding of how to control my body’s movements as well as how to best use my flexibility off the pole. At first I was so apprehensive and nervous of what people would think and say but now I’m more confident than ever and if anything all I get is positive vibes from others! To me, every woman deserves to feel confident and sexy in the skin that they’re in and this is something that exotic brings out. 

Due to my own pole experiences I can completely understand the struggles that come with learning pole. I always ensure that I encourage people to do their best, push themselves and try new moves, combos and spins. Over time you’ll see yourself transform and you’ll be doing moves you had only ever dreamt of doing. I’ll ensure that all the moves, spins and combos that are given to you are suitable to your level but also making sure that you’re being given a challenge and getting a full body work out. My classes are always friendly, welcoming, fun, nonjudgmental and safe and I strive for everyone to leave feeling happier than when they walked in.

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