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Fly High Fitness was established in September 2014 with our Pole Fitness classes, and have since expanded into teaching Yoga, Flexibility, Heels and Dance classes. We have gone on to open one of the largest, most well established and well respected pole schools in Scotland, alongside our adjoining Yoga studio. Owner/instructor Sheree has taught workshops all over Scotland, and has competed at the biggest and most prestigious Pole competitions in the UK at a professional level, and prides herself on the high standard of training she provides at Fly High Fitness. So you truly are learning from the best in the business with us.

Our biggest achievement over the past 5 years has been building such an empowering, uplifting and positive environment for so many people, a place that so many people now call their ‘safe’ or ‘happy’ place. Watching people grow from strength to strength, both mentally and physically is such a rewarding thing for us to witness, and we are always happy to watch the newest person walk through the door knowing we may be able to make such a positive impact on their life. This proves to me that the community that we have created within Fly High Fitness goes so much deeper than just a fitness class. Pole has become a passion for so many people, and it doesn’t take long for the mindset to shift from wanting to ‘lose weight’, ‘get fit’ or whatever reason it is that you initially tried it out, to looking at your body in a different light and giving it credit for what you are able to make it achieve. We don’t care about your age or dress size, all we look for in our students is dedication and a willingness to work hard.


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Pole & Heels Instructor